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My Artwork on Video Tutorials

I just had my brother use one of my drawings in one of his Video Tutorials, for where he teaches Digital Arts, at Fullerton College.

The tutorial is about how to use a “painted sphere” - one with highlights, mid-tones and shadows, and inserting them inside the shapes of the character. You then use the Free Transform tool and its Warp attribute to “sculpt” the sphere into the corresponding shape to create a value-study in seconds instead of minutes!. Check it our right here:


(Click on image)


Flashback Wednesdays: Personal Beliefs and Cartoons

Flashback Wednesdays. Personal Beliefs and Cartoons, or Making Products “Family Safe”.

One of the issues I encounter when creating any assignment is the moral beliefs of the individuals in charge of that project: Their views on sexuality and certain personal “beliefs” regarding non-mainstream traditions (more...)



Sketching The Nite Away

Some quick sketches before the next deadline starts...




Flashback Wednesdays: "The Ever Evolving Lola Liberty"


(Click on image for larger size)

Initially, what was a ten minute sketch I did for a friend (A) of Lola Bunny as the Statue of Liberty, was picked up by WBCP management for a “I NY T-shirt design for the New York City’s Warner Bros. Studio Store.

Development took longer than usual (weeks,) as non-art management and legal took over the decision of what the final look should look like, a decision usually left to the WBCP’s Character Design’s Director. After many suggestions, design control was relinquished back to the department’s art team. Dozens of variations were discarded and I went back to the original concept, “on model” and with the perspective corrected (B.)

Management got a last “input” in, when they felt that Lola, look “to much (B) like the Statue of Liberty” (?!). The final design (C), although thinner clothing wise, gave me the chance to actually made her toga more in model to Lady Liberty’s ones, which squeaked by without further management medling (D).

A moot point, because when the design was finalized, the N.Y. Warner Bros. Studio Store - along with most of the US stores, closed down and kiled the whole project. Even so, this was one the most fun designs I ever worked for, because it became a fun project to make: a realistic representation of Lola Bunny as Lady Liberty.


Bored, bored, tired, bored,...


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Scribbling some quick sketches until a job due tomorrow gets approved. ...11:30pm, calling it quits for the nite.


Back on line!,... with some missing bits. =P

Apologies for the downtime, but thanks to expert help, the site is now operational once again. Not well, but operational.

The last saved back-up was hosed, so any entries since one year ago are all gone (>.<). They are being recreated as we speak, and new content will be added along them. Yes, fun times. /=)