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My Artwork on Video Tutorials

I just had my brother use one of my drawings in one of his Video Tutorials, for where he teaches Digital Arts, at Fullerton College.

The tutorial is about how to use a “painted sphere” - one with highlights, mid-tones and shadows, and inserting them inside the shapes of the character. You then use the Free Transform tool and its Warp attribute to “sculpt” the sphere into the corresponding shape to create a value-study in seconds instead of minutes!. Check it our right here:


(Click on image)


Flashback Wednesdays: Personal Beliefs and Cartoons

Flashback Wednesdays. Personal Beliefs and Cartoons, or Making Products “Family Safe”.

One of the issues I encounter when creating any assignment is the moral beliefs of the individuals in charge of that project: Their views on sexuality and certain personal “beliefs” regarding non-mainstream traditions (more...)



Sketching The Nite Away

Some quick sketches before the next deadline starts...




Flashback Wednesdays: "The Ever Evolving Lola Liberty"


(Click on image for larger size)

Initially, what was a ten minute sketch I did for a friend (A) of Lola Bunny as the Statue of Liberty, was picked up by WBCP management for a “I NY T-shirt design for the New York City’s Warner Bros. Studio Store.

Development took longer than usual (weeks,) as non-art management and legal took over the decision of what the final look should look like, a decision usually left to the WBCP’s Character Design’s Director. After many suggestions, design control was relinquished back to the department’s art team. Dozens of variations were discarded and I went back to the original concept, “on model” and with the perspective corrected (B.)

Management got a last “input” in, when they felt that Lola, look “to much (B) like the Statue of Liberty” (?!). The final design (C), although thinner clothing wise, gave me the chance to actually made her toga more in model to Lady Liberty’s ones, which squeaked by without further management medling (D).

A moot point, because when the design was finalized, the N.Y. Warner Bros. Studio Store - along with most of the US stores, closed down and kiled the whole project. Even so, this was one the most fun designs I ever worked for, because it became a fun project to make: a realistic representation of Lola Bunny as Lady Liberty.


Bored, bored, tired, bored,...


(Click on image for slightly larger size)

Scribbling some quick sketches until a job due tomorrow gets approved. ...11:30pm, calling it quits for the nite.


Flashback Wednesdays: Seagoing Looney Tunes (Part One)

Flashback Wednesdays,... out to sea.

This week, the first part of a series of Looney Tunes’ rough-pencil designs commissioned by Premier Cruise Lines for a commercial partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


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Flashback Wednesdays: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

“...Take me out with the crowd; buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I don't care if I never get back.” - Jack Norworth

This week’s Flashback Wednesday is “half” of a Looney Tunes Limited Edition lithograph. This tribute-print was done to commemorate the twelve members of the Major League Baseball’s 3000 Hit Club. The final color shows the complete image. It was divided in two sections: the left was designed by WBCP Senior Character Artist San Wei Chan, while I worked on the right side. It was done this way because the project was a rush job.

The final litho were framed, tagged with both, the Warner Bros. and the MLB logos and signed by the members of the club. It had a limited run of 1000 copies.

(Click for a larger image).



Flashback Wednesdays: Jam Session

Flashback Wednesdays... on a Wednesday!. ^.^

This week’s Flashback is a rough-pencil - no inking was requested, for a line of limited prints sold at the Warner Bros. Studio Stores. For some reason, I was asked to draw the instrument’s details - knobs, keys, etc, on a second layer. After its run and with the closure of the WB stores, the image is now sold has a large-size poster, which I have signed quiet a lot-of during the last few years.

(Click for a larger image).


The painting was done by David Edward Byrd.


Flashback Wednesdays: "Where's the Kaboom?"

Flashback Wednesdays… on a Saturday this time. >.<

This drawing of Marvin the Martian and K-9 was requested by Six Flags Magic Mountain, more specifically for their park’s Looney Tunes merchandise.

While Marvin and K-9 were easy to conceptualize, I had to do some research for the style of the telescope, so it would matched the same style Chuck Jones had developed when he created Marvin the Martian - first introduced in Jones’ animated short Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (1953.)  It was Maurice Noble background and layout, the same artist who had worked with Jones for the film, who provided the perfect inspiration for my design.

(Click for a larger image).

I never saw the final product on any merchandise based on my designs, but a couple of years ago I was able to pick up this postcard at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.



Variety Cover

Here is the cover of the December 1996 Variety Magazine I worked on, announcing Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. acquisition of Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc.’s intellectual property.

The (WBCP) artists that illustrated this issue were myself - drawing Fred Flinstone, senior character designer San Wei Chan - Bugs Bunny and animation director Frank Espinosa - Tom and Jerry.

The issue was published right before Christmas, which made for a nice Christmas’ present.



Flashback Wednesdays: Repairing the Past

Hi again;

This is Flashback Wednesdays… on a Thursday. This post is about a very-common task many Artist have to do, specially in the Consumer products field: the recreation - or update, of an old piece of art for merchandising…



(More after the cut...)


Flashback Wednesdays: WBCP Art

One more Flashback Wednesday. =) Today I’m posting more designs I did while working for WBCP.

The first one is a progression example of Lola Bunny’s design, from a rough blueline, pencil ink to a final cleaned drawing (vector-based) drawing using Adobe Illustrator.


The second one is an approved tight blue line ready to be penciled-inked with 2B graphite pencil.


You will find more art for WBCP on the gallery. Enjoy!


Flashback Wednesday: Favorite Concept to Reality Decisions


Well, yesterday posts was a weak way to (almost) get out of the Flashback Wednesday’s showcase (darn). This post is about of one should not enamor itself to a projects’ rough or concept, because you will (always) be overridden by your client’s final decision.


More after the cut...


Draw The Looney Tunes, A Story

A received a nice package on the mail today: The commercial version of our Warner Bros. Consumer Products departmental tutorial book, renamed “How To draw The Looney Tunes”. A hard to find book, ranging from $39.99 to $400.00. The trade-off here is actually quite acceptable; “...sign and draw me a sketch on one of them and you get to keep the other.”


A review of the book on the Animation World Network. “…The credits list art by San Wei ChanMark Christiansen, Jerome Moore and Robert Guthrie. Text is by Frank Espinosa, co-written by Marie Taylor….”


I’m really surprised to see the changes that occurred when our tutorial went public: It lost around 94 pages, most a lot of the written history of WB, animation and verbal instructions. The cuts were probably made for costs reasons and the instruction were more geared how to teach all WBCP artists in depth.



Still, a very nice final product, kicking myself that I signed and gave away the 10 copies I got from WB. Oh well . =)


Flashback Wednesdays: Lola Halloween Designs

Hi again, everyone,

I’m posting a couple of designs I did while working for WBCP. They are designs of Lola Bunny in Halloween outfits.

As the the “Bride of Frankenstein”...


and as a cute witch...




Flashback Wednesdays: Space Jam Poster Design (Part One)

Here is the original design (blue-line) that we I did for the international version of the Space Jam poster. In the final poster, Duffy Duck’s design was changed because in the original design, he was wearing a “prop” costume that only appeared on-screen for five-seconds.

Here is the original design - click on image to enlarge.


And here is the final poster.



WBCP Gallery Live

I just created a gallery for the work I did while working at Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP.) I’ll post some more work as I clean them up, but for the mean time, here is a design I did for WBCP with Wile E. Coyote.


Here’s the original design.



JMP Creative Gallery Live

Just created a new gallery of the designs I created while working at JMP Creative, a multimedia company out of Southern California.

Here’s and example of the variety of work I did; from toy concepts and designs to children’s’ menus for Mimi’s Cafe, like this one:

Original pencil sketch.


Inked version.


And the final color.



Toy Gallery Live

I just created a gallery for my toy designs. I will upload my designs as I get them scanned and clean-up in Photoshop. In the mean time, here’s a design I did for Dairy Queen while working at JMP Creative (click on the Image to see a larger version).



Welcome To My New Website

Welcome to my new website. As you can see, not much to show, but in the mean time, I’ll leave you with one of my drawings painted by an extremely talented U.K. artist, Ben Hinckling.

Here’s my original design.


And here’s the amazing paint-job he did.


Check out more of my work here: