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New Comic Arrivals

Just in time for the weekend I got my orders for Mondo Lirondo: The Ultimate Collection and Lackadaisy: Volume 1.

Lackadaisy: Volume 1 is the first collected volume of the webcomic of the same name by American artist Tracy J. Butler.


For those not familiar with this series, it’s a highly detailed take on the 1920’s Prohibition Era. Set in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, the story revolves around the owner and employees of the speakeasyLackadaisy.” The story’s settings is filled with politicians, moonshiners, gangsters, assassins, Tommy guns, booze and flappers. Very recommendable.

Available via 4th Dimension Entertainment (online store).


Mondo Lirondo: The Ultimate Collection is the complete collected works of the comic book series from the European Spanish artist collective Colectivo La Penya. Very unusual but entertaining.

Available via FNAC España. I’m not aware of any translated version of the book other than Spanish.


Interview From Hometown Newspaper

I never dreamed that one day the newspaper from Mahón’s (where I grew-up) Diario Menorca, would interview me for it for its publication, I’m very humble for this. I wish my mother and my other family and friends that who are no longer here would still be around to see this. It's really wonderful that I'm connected once more to the place that I hold dear to my heart; great memories, great friends, and the place where I started to become the artist I always wanted to be.


Here’s a pic of the newspaper’s cover:


...and the actual spread:


I have to give thanks to journalist Fela Saborit, the author, my great friend, Jose Carrasco, for settings this opportunity in motion, and brother Frank J. Guthrie, for his help on this project.

Quite awesome. Still can wrap my mind around it.