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32 Saló del Còmic de Barcelona

For any artists to happen to be in Barcelona, Spain between May 15 to the 18, 2014 and you love Comic Books, don’t forget to visit the 32 Saló del Còmic de Barcelona; the second-largest European Comic Book convention.



Some of this year’s guest artist are (from left to right) Mike Carrie, Pia Guerra, Andres Guidaldo, Eduardo Risso, Yochi Takahashi and Brian Azzarello.


Interview From Hometown Newspaper

I never dreamed that one day the newspaper from Mahón’s (where I grew-up) Diario Menorca, would interview me for it for its publication, I’m very humble for this. I wish my mother and my other family and friends that who are no longer here would still be around to see this. It's really wonderful that I'm connected once more to the place that I hold dear to my heart; great memories, great friends, and the place where I started to become the artist I always wanted to be.


Here’s a pic of the newspaper’s cover:


...and the actual spread:


I have to give thanks to journalist Fela Saborit, the author, my great friend, Jose Carrasco, for settings this opportunity in motion, and brother Frank J. Guthrie, for his help on this project.

Quite awesome. Still can wrap my mind around it.