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Looney Tunes

Flashback Wednesdays: Seagoing Looney Tunes (Part One)

Flashback Wednesdays,... out to sea.

This week, the first part of a series of Looney Tunes’ rough-pencil designs commissioned by Premier Cruise Lines for a commercial partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


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Flashback Wednesdays: WBCP Art

One more Flashback Wednesday. =) Today I’m posting more designs I did while working for WBCP.

The first one is a progression example of Lola Bunny’s design, from a rough blueline, pencil ink to a final cleaned drawing (vector-based) drawing using Adobe Illustrator.


The second one is an approved tight blue line ready to be penciled-inked with 2B graphite pencil.


You will find more art for WBCP on the gallery. Enjoy!