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March 2014

32 Saló del Còmic de Barcelona

For any artists to happen to be in Barcelona, Spain between May 15 to the 18, 2014 and you love Comic Books, don’t forget to visit the 32 Saló del Còmic de Barcelona; the second-largest European Comic Book convention.



Some of this year’s guest artist are (from left to right) Mike Carrie, Pia Guerra, Andres Guidaldo, Eduardo Risso, Yochi Takahashi and Brian Azzarello.


Flashback Wednesdays: WBCP Art

One more Flashback Wednesday. =) Today I’m posting more designs I did while working for WBCP.

The first one is a progression example of Lola Bunny’s design, from a rough blueline, pencil ink to a final cleaned drawing (vector-based) drawing using Adobe Illustrator.


The second one is an approved tight blue line ready to be penciled-inked with 2B graphite pencil.


You will find more art for WBCP on the gallery. Enjoy!


Blue Sky Studios' Peanuts Trailer


(Click on image for trailer)

I’m a fan of Charles SchultzPeanuts comic, so I was a little bit apprehensive about the news of Blue Sky Studios3D Animated Film Feature adaptation...

But I was pleasantly surprised on how nice and how faithful the trailer was to Schultz’ style. I love how the captured the little quirks his comic had; it really brings the characters to (3D) life, a rare feat.

Kudos to the entire team at Blue Sky Studios.



Flashback Wednesday: Favorite Concept to Reality Decisions


Well, yesterday posts was a weak way to (almost) get out of the Flashback Wednesday’s showcase (darn). This post is about of one should not enamor itself to a projects’ rough or concept, because you will (always) be overridden by your client’s final decision.


More after the cut...


Draw The Looney Tunes, A Story

A received a nice package on the mail today: The commercial version of our Warner Bros. Consumer Products departmental tutorial book, renamed “How To draw The Looney Tunes”. A hard to find book, ranging from $39.99 to $400.00. The trade-off here is actually quite acceptable; “...sign and draw me a sketch on one of them and you get to keep the other.”


A review of the book on the Animation World Network. “…The credits list art by San Wei ChanMark Christiansen, Jerome Moore and Robert Guthrie. Text is by Frank Espinosa, co-written by Marie Taylor….”


I’m really surprised to see the changes that occurred when our tutorial went public: It lost around 94 pages, most a lot of the written history of WB, animation and verbal instructions. The cuts were probably made for costs reasons and the instruction were more geared how to teach all WBCP artists in depth.



Still, a very nice final product, kicking myself that I signed and gave away the 10 copies I got from WB. Oh well . =)


Great Cause: Save the Chimps Project

Via 710Films comes the news that BadKing has joined on the Save the Chimps Foundation campaign by offering 15% of every purchase of their ZBrush tutorials series.
These series consists of the following tutorials:

Primate Anatomy Part 1.
In this six part tutorial, internationally renowned Artist and Instructor Ben Mauro shows us the tools and techniques necessary to build a high-resolution primate skull. Working within ZBrush 4R6, Ben utilizes a set of ZBrush tools and reference material to shows us his techniques to turn a simple three-dimensional sphere into a complex and highly detailed Chimpanzee Skull.

Primate Anatomy Part 2.
In this second twelve part tutorial, Ben Mauro continues to work within ZBrush taking us through his process of creating a highly realistic Chimpanzee Bust from a simple three-dimensional sphere. He builds upon his primate skull created in his previous tutorial and demonstrates how to best utilize reference material to create desired results. Ben discusses how he renders, exports and brings sculpts into Photoshop before using a number of photobashing tips for added realism.

15% of Sales from these tutorial will go towards the Save the Chimps Foundation; rescuing chimpanzees from cruel conditions and experimentation performed within biomedical research laboratories.


Blacksad's "Amarillo"

Here’s what I’m reading right now, Blacksad #5 “Amarillo” by writer Juan Diaz Canales and drawn by Guarnido (Juanjo Guarnido):



Here’s a translation of the blurb:

“…John Blacksad is tired of all the violence and misery around him, so he decides to take his time before returning home. Luck seems to smile on him when a stranger hires him to deliver his car, a brand new Cadillac Eldorado model, from New Orleans to Tulsa. But the south roads are as dusty as they are unpredictable, and Blacksad unwittingly finds himself driving from one end of the US to another, in order to solve a murder involving biker parades, lawyers, writers and even a bloody circus!…”.

Currently the issue is only in French and available on and FNAC. For US artists, check Stuart Ng Books in the coming months for its release here.


Flashback Wednesdays: Lola Halloween Designs

Hi again, everyone,

I’m posting a couple of designs I did while working for WBCP. They are designs of Lola Bunny in Halloween outfits.

As the the “Bride of Frankenstein”...


and as a cute witch...




Interview From Hometown Newspaper

I never dreamed that one day the newspaper from Mahón’s (where I grew-up) Diario Menorca, would interview me for it for its publication, I’m very humble for this. I wish my mother and my other family and friends that who are no longer here would still be around to see this. It's really wonderful that I'm connected once more to the place that I hold dear to my heart; great memories, great friends, and the place where I started to become the artist I always wanted to be.


Here’s a pic of the newspaper’s cover:


...and the actual spread:


I have to give thanks to journalist Fela Saborit, the author, my great friend, Jose Carrasco, for settings this opportunity in motion, and brother Frank J. Guthrie, for his help on this project.

Quite awesome. Still can wrap my mind around it.