The website of Robert "Bob" M. Guthrie
January 2014

Flashback Wednesdays: Space Jam Poster Design (Part One)

Here is the original design (blue-line) that we I did for the international version of the Space Jam poster. In the final poster, Duffy Duck’s design was changed because in the original design, he was wearing a “prop” costume that only appeared on-screen for five-seconds.

Here is the original design - click on image to enlarge.


And here is the final poster.



WBCP Gallery Live

I just created a gallery for the work I did while working at Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP.) I’ll post some more work as I clean them up, but for the mean time, here is a design I did for WBCP with Wile E. Coyote.


Here’s the original design.



JMP Creative Gallery Live

Just created a new gallery of the designs I created while working at JMP Creative, a multimedia company out of Southern California.

Here’s and example of the variety of work I did; from toy concepts and designs to children’s’ menus for Mimi’s Cafe, like this one:

Original pencil sketch.


Inked version.


And the final color.



Toy Gallery Live

I just created a gallery for my toy designs. I will upload my designs as I get them scanned and clean-up in Photoshop. In the mean time, here’s a design I did for Dairy Queen while working at JMP Creative (click on the Image to see a larger version).



Flashback Wednesdays: Bugs Bunny Stamp (Part One)

Here’s the final color for the Bugs Bunny stamp we did at WCBP for the U.S. Postal Service. We worked on this stamp series back in 1997.


I will post the original sketches and other designs in my WBCP gallery , plus additional information on the project.


Welcome To My New Website

Welcome to my new website. As you can see, not much to show, but in the mean time, I’ll leave you with one of my drawings painted by an extremely talented U.K. artist, Ben Hinckling.

Here’s my original design.


And here’s the amazing paint-job he did.


Check out more of my work here: